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Exceed.ai Marketo Integration

Exceed.ai Marketo Integration

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Exceed.ai automates conversations with leads at scale over email and chat. Marketing & sales teams use Exceed to qualify more leads and streamline their funnel. Unlike other conversational marketing platforms, Exceed uses AI to analyze lead intent & respond with the right message. Exceed keeps your pipeline full by engaging every lead and qualifying, following up, and booking meetings for your sales team.


Conversational Email Bot
Ensure every lead is followed up with. Exceed’s AI analyzes a lead’s intent & responds with the right message. Perfect for lead activation & qualification.
A fully customizable chatbot for your website. Qualify leads and book meetings directly into your rep’s calendar. Integrated with Exceed’s email bot.
AI Assistant For Marketing
Follow up with 100% of your leads. The AI assistant engages leads, asks qualifying questions, and hands over qualified leads to sales.
AI Sales Assistant
The assistant schedules meetings for your reps & follows up with unresponsive leads, so your reps can focus on closing deals, not chasing leads.


The Exceed.ai Marketo integration is a bridge between your nurturing emails in Marketo and your automated conversations (qualification & activation emails) in Exceed. For example, you can pull new leads from Marketo to Exceed who have signed up to your service with a Gmail address. Exceed’s automated virtual assistant will then email the lead (as a salesperson would), welcome them, and ask a qualifying question like, “Do you mind telling me which company you work for?” If the lead’s answer matches your qualification criteria, the lead will move on to the next step of your funnel. Exceed will also follow up with the lead with more questions (if part of your sequence) or simply to get an unresponsive lead to engage. Exceed also collects information from contacts’ email signatures such as phone number, title, etc. which gets updated in Marketo. With the Exceed.ai Marketo integration, your contacts stay in sync with your sales team’s Marketo database.





  • Powered by AI
  • Automated meeting scheduler
  • Automated lead qualification
  • Fully customizable


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