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About GaggleAMP

With the GaggleAMP Marketo integration, you can connect your employee advocacy efforts to Marketo to report on the results. GaggleAMP is an employee advocacy and communications platform designed to empower employees and stakeholders through social selling and social media amplification to increase share of voice, press opportunities, and marketing campaign performance. We help your company increase brand awareness, enable sales teams, and empower communications and HR teams to drive internal communications and workplace engagement, while providing an outlet to attract and retain top talent and increase personal branding opportunities. For marketers looking to drive engagement and track ROI through social media, GaggleAMP is the social marketing platform that lets them leverage the reach potential of individual employee, partner and reseller social accounts through a unique, accountable, and privacy-assured message delivery. GaggleAMP has over 50 different actions to support powerful employee advocacy programs at companies both big and small. Get started today with a 14-day free trial or visit us at GaggleAMP.com.

GaggleAMP Features

Over 50+ Social Activities
GaggleAMP has over 50 different activity types for content delivery to the employees. This gives greater varied content across more networks.

Internal Communications Network
GaggleAMP channels allow teams with similar interests to connect with others in the company (channel, department, location, etc.) for internal chats.

Leaderboards & Gamification
Leaderboards add competitiveness to your teams. Track who shares from your employee advocacy program and gamify the results. It’s fun for everyone!

One-click Sharing
Don’t take valuable time away from your teams. Most employee advocacy actions can be done in one click and scheduled when its convenient for them.

Analytics & ROI Assessments
Analyze what works and what doesn’t when sharing to your teams and your network, while identifying cost savings from your paid CPL programs.

Safety and Security
Our security and compliance optimizations ensure SSO is in place, regulated industries can share safely, and employees social networks remain secure.

GaggleAMP Marketo Integration Details

The GaggleAMP Marketo Integration package provides closed-loop lead tracking information for your top of funnel, social media marketing activities. Use GaggleAMP to amplify your social media efforts by leveraging your employees, partners and resellers, then track rich lead source information in your Marketo implementation for the inbound traffic generated from this activity.

For any leads or contacts delivered by amplifying social media via GaggleAMP you will see:

  • The specific social media message that brought the lead/contact to your website
  • The social media network that the lead/contact came from – The campaign that is associated with the message
  • The Gaggle that shared the message (you can create multiple Gaggles for different stakeholder groups associated with your company)

To implement your GaggleAMP Marketo integration, follow these steps.

  1. From the Manager Dashboard in GaggleAMP, click Manage on the left menu then select Integrations.
  2. On this page, select Marketo from the pull down list in Connect Marketing Automation.
  3. Click Update Integrations.





  • Amplifies Social Media Reach
  • Offset Paid Social Engagements
  • Advance Social Selling & Comms
  • Marketo Lead Tracking

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