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The Idio Marketo integration uses Idio’s AI-powered content decisioning technology to power 1:1 relevance at scale. Marketo users can now automatically engage buyers and nurture prospects with the right content in every email communication without needing segmentation rules or constructing preset nurture paths. Idio’s AI automatically understands the meaning of your content and identifies the unique interests of every person in your email database: no manual segmentation rules or content tagging is necessary. Idio makes 1:1 marketing possible for global B2B enterprises by predicting the interests of every individual, and automatically delivering relevant 1:1 experiences across digital channels. Global leaders including Pega, Fitch Ratings, and AllianceBernstein trust Idio’s AI to maximize buyer engagement and pipeline, whilst automating marketing complexity. Now Marketo users can access the same AI-driven benefits.


Automatic content tagging
Use AI to accelerate your content tagging workflow. Ingest, categorize and tag millions of individual content items. No manual input necessary.
First party intent data
Track the intent and interests of anonymous/identifiable buyers engaging on your digital channels. See the content topics that drive engagement.
1:1 content decisioning
Use AI to automatically select the most relevant content for every individual email engagement. No more IF/THEN rules or campaign segmentation.

Idio Marketo Integration

The Idio Marketo integration enables real-time first party data appending and enrichment with custom connectors into Marketo to streamline the simplest path to relevant content delivery in Marketo email templates at scale, speed, and efficiency for today’s marketers demand.

Easily plug into Marketo by:

1. Set Up Connection

2. Create A Delivery

3. Create A Custom Object

4. Create A Token Script





  • Automate content tagging
  • 1st Party Intent Data
  • Next-Best-Content Decisioning
  • No more manual rule-building

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