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Infor Marketo Integration

Infor Marketo Integration

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InforCRM is an award-winning, state-of-the-art technology platform that empowers you to maximize the value of your most important corporate asset-your customer data. You can rely on InforCRM as the hub of your commercial operations by creating rich customer profiles built by capturing information and interactions from across your organization and from external sources. InforCRM offers unparalleled flexibility and control in how you deploy, use, and pay for a powerful CRM solution. You can choose from a variety of deployment options – including cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and mobile- to meet your IT and business objectives. Meanwhile, flexible license and payment options support your financial preferences. Using the Infor Marketo integration, marketers and sales teams will gain a more complete view of their customers in order to create tailored, authentic experiences that engage them across channels and devices.


Engage customers at scale
Create, execute, and manage authentic and personalized engagement across every touch point: email, web, mobile, and more.


Built on open platforms, the Infor Marketo integration unites both data and business processes, enabling team collaboration across the enterprise to redefine the delivery of customer engagement and advocacy.

The Infor Marketo integration gives organizations the ability to deliver value to their customers by:

Delivering the most relevant marketing data – Quickly create, deploy, and manage highly segmented marketing campaigns. Get real-time feedback from campaigns in CRM.

Integrating sales and marketing – Insightful data sync gives marketing better insight into campaign effectiveness while simultaneously arming fields with up-to date campaign information.

Gaining in-the-moment updates – Alerts and notifications are sent when CRM targets are interacting with your brand as they are accessing your content, enabling sales professionals to drive more relevant conversations and strike while prospects are actively engaged.

Shortening the sales cycle – Prioritization of leads from Marketo enables sales reps to focus on targets exhibiting buying behavior while nurturing upcoming opportunities at the same time.

Tracking the unknown – Through tags on websites, track and understand how prospects are interacting with your content and brand before they raise their hand. Once they self-identify, the previous history is attached to the contact record.

Admin visibility – Easily gain insight into any sync errors through the session log to identify which job triggered the error.

Easily map data synchronization – Allows admin to customize mapped fields with enable/disable functionality or add a new entity map and manage the synchronization schedule.

Providing one secure environment – Customer data not being shared through a third-party add-on or outside vendor means data is safely and securely contained within a single, unified solution.





  • Deliver on the 1:1 marketing
  • Improve sales and marketing
  • Deliver predictable revenue
  • Improve data quality



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