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Integrate Marketo Integration


The Integrate Marketo integration allows you to rapidly capitalize upon prospect and customer insights to fuel the performance of your demand generation programs. Integrate’s Demand Cloud unifies and amplifies your B2B marketing universe and provides a home base for creating, managing, and measuring demand generation programs. This enables marketers to:

  • Unify, manage, track and optimize top-funnel demand gen campaigns.
  • Generate leads at both the contact- and account-levels via the Integrate Lead Generation Marketplace.
  • Automate data processing from third-party sources, content syndication programs.
  • Take control of event lead management and transform how event prospect data is collected and processed, engaging event leads at scale and converting event connections to revenue.
  • Nurture account-based leads through Integrate’s ABM Advertising solution.
  • Require all third-party lead sources to electronically acknowledge their compliance with applicable legislation, like GDPR and CCPA, prior to campaign launch.
  • Validate and enhance leads to ensure accuracy and marketability.
  • Route leads in real-time to appropriate Marketo nurture tracks and CRM follow-up queues.
  • Correlate top-funnel activities to mid- and low-funnel conversions to make more informed demand generation investments.

To learn more, visit us at www.integrate.com.


Data Acceleration Platform
Ensures that every lead is globally compliant, validated, de-duped, and standardized before entering Marketo.
Lead Generation Marketplace
Generate qualified leads by sharing content on the worlds largest lead-generation marketplace.
ABM Advertising Platform
Find your next best customers using Integrate’s ABM Advertising Platform.
Event Lead Management
Take control of the lead capture process at all of your events with a universal solution that enables real-time nurture and maximizes event ROI.
Webinar Integrations
Track the ROI of your webinars and digital events.
Social Integrations
Track ROI for all social advertising and lead generation.

Integrate Marketo Integration

The Integrate Marketo integration can be completed without involving your internal IT resources. Connecting your Marketo and Integrate accounts allows you to rapidly capitalize upon prospect and customer insights to fuel the performance of your demand generation programs. Integrate Data Acceleration Platform enables you to have the prospect data from your lead- and demand-generation campaigns posted directly into your Marketo account, routing data to the appropriate nurture tracks in real-time. Marketo Webhooks can then be set up to report KPI dispositions back into your Integrate dashboard, providing ongoing performance insights that can be applied to:

  • Drive predictable, scalable results from top-funnel demand generation programs.
  • Measure ROI from your demand generation campaigns and events.
  • Optimize demand programs based on the highest converting parameters (audience, source, content, etc.).
  • Event Lead Capture: Turn real-time conversations into qualified leads and accelerate revenue by connecting events with your marketing stack.
  • Improve lead quality by providing early insight into potential data issues.
  • Assure GDPR Compliance.





  • Unified Demand Generation
  • Clean & Intelligent Data
  • Data Mapping and Routing
  • Cross-Channel ROI Analysis



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