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Jeto Marketo Integration

Jeto Marketo Integration

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With Jeto, deploying a perfectly-structured marketing campaign is as easy as filling out a form. No Marketo knowledge required for the Jeto Marketo integration! Enable field marketers, HR, support or product teams, or even partners outside your organization to launch their own emails, events, webinars, and more. Your marketing operations team saves time while keeping full control of program structure and branding, making the process risk free.

Scale Campaign Execution

Jeto enables non-technical people to create and launch marketing campaigns without ever setting foot in Marketo. The result: launch more campaigns, faster!

Leverage the Power of Marketo

Using the Marketo API and a structured process, Jeto enables anyone to create emails, campaigns, events, and more in just a few clicks.

Risk Free

Jeto completely removes the risk and complexity of marketing automation for non-technical people. Keep full control of branding and structure in all marketing campaigns.


Simple Input Forms
Simply fill out a web form to create and launch beautiful campaigns through Marketo within minutes.
Launch All Types of Programs
Initiate or clone any email, event, webinar, or SMS campaign exclusively through the Jeto app.
Invite and Manage Multiple Users
Give access in total confidence to field marketers, HR, support or product teams, or even partners outside your organization.
Fully Customizable
Take control of not only the settings like program duration and structure, but also the look and feel of your program elements and email campaigns.
Built for Marketo
The Jeto Marketo integration allows the MarOps team to track, nurture, convert, and report on results.
Fast and Easy Setup
Use our step-by-step guided setup instructions or let us do all the work for you. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Jeto Marketo Integration

Jeto provides a simple and beautiful interface that allows any non-technical user to easily launch a marketing campaign.

Pick a Campaign Launcher

Users select a campaign to launch from the pre-set list of available campaigns to them. Marketing Operations defines the templates available and maintains complete control over the programs.

Fill out the Form

Users fill out a simple web form with the necessary information required to populate their campaign.

Processed by Jeto

Here’s where the magic happens! Using the Marketo API, Jeto launches the campaign in your Marketo instance.





  • Launch more campaigns
  • Reduce execution time & effort
  • Quality control / compliance
  • Anyone can launch campaigns

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