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LiveRamp is an identity platform leveraged by brands and their partners to connect people, data, and devices across the digital and physical world. Today, consumer attention is incredibly divided between devices and platforms – making it difficult to get in front of your customers with a cohesive brand message. While certain channels, such as Facebook and Google, allow you to connect with your customers online and across their devices – customers only spend a fraction of their time on the web engaging with those platforms. LiveRamp allows you to reach consumers where the majority of their attention is – on the open web.


Provide Cohesive Messaging
Turn your email campaign into just the beginning of your story – engage deeply with customers using sequential messaging across multiple touch points.
Campaign Suppression
Make each message count. Suppress converted audiences from receiving certain campaigns to avoid oversaturation and optimize ad spend.
Reach Unresponsive Customers
Reach customers with high un-open rates across numerous digital channels – where you know they’re paying attention.
Reengage Dormant Email Subscribers
Email might just not be the right avenue to engage with certain consumers – connect with unsubscribed customers throughout the digital ecosystem.

LiveRamp Marketo Integration

Marketo’s AdBridge, powered by LiveRamp, allows marketers to achieve true people-based marketing using the world’s largest independent omnichannel identity graph. Together, the LiveRamp Marketo integration enables a self-service, streamlined user experience for marketers to onboard their unique Marketo audiences into 100s of advertising platforms for targeting. Marketers can reach email subscribers across digital and social channels with cohesive and complementary messaging – upleveling customer engagement and enhancing their customer journey.

LiveRamp Marketo Integration workflow:

1. Create your segments/lists within Marketo

2. Use the self-service LiveRamp integration to specify where you want to target these users online. Give your leads and customers a consistent experience across the open web by funneling your data to publishers, DMPs, DSPs, and more!





  • Privacy Compliant
  • Deterministic Matching
  • Targeting & Suppression
  • Cross-Platform Marketing



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