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Oktopost Marketo Integration

Oktopost Marketo Integration

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Oktopost is the only social media management platform that is uniquely architected for B2B companies. Beyond publishing content and engaging with audiences, Oktopost is the first solution to establish the true ROI of social media, enabling marketers to track leads and integrate this data with other marketing and sales technologies. With Oktopost, companies can say for the first time: “This new customer came from this LinkedIn post!” or “This Tweet brought us $XXX in sales!”. Whether a lead came from a Tweet, LinkedIn post, or Facebook update, Oktopost enables users to attribute every sales opportunity to social media.


Social Publishing
Schedule and distribute large-scale content across all major social networks and campaigns from one powerful interface.
Social Analytics
From clicks to conversions, measure and report how your social media activities are performing and resonating with your audience.
Social Campaign Management
Use a robust campaign structure to organize, arrange, and categorize all of your social content for efficient management and improved measurement.
Social Listening
Monitor in real-time; keywords, mentions, and pages to discover industry trends and social conversations that impact your brand.

Oktopost Marketo Integration

At the moment, Marketo users are able to score, nurture, and attribute leads based on data that’s gathered from website visits, email opens and clicks, and data synced with their CRM. Due to the very nature of social activity flowing outside the company domains, Marketo is missing valuable social data. With the Oktopost Marketo integration, every social click and lead activity is automatically synched into Marketo. Along with social activity, Marketo users gain a whole dimension of data including which network, profile, campaign, and content topic leads engaged with before converting. Given the additional layer of social data inside Marketo, marketers can:

  • Nurture leads with hyper-personalized content that’s tailored to their needs and interests
  • Accurately attribute leads to social media
  • Design an accurate scoring model which prioritizes social engagement





  • Social Media Management
  • Social Employee Advocacy
  • Social Response Management
  • Deep Oktopost Marketo Integration



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