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OneInsight Marketo Integration


Turn data into revenue with actionable insights. The OneInsight Marketo integration is built to deliver the richness of customer data created with Marketo into any sales environment, thereby opening up true marketing & sales integration for any Marketo-powered organization. All done at the speeds necessary to make decisions in step with your customers. If information alone is not enough to close a deal, OneInsight Engage provides your business development & sales team with the possibility to reach out directly to your prospects and customers.

Three steps to turn Marketing Automation into Revenue Automation:

  1. Marketo – Use the leading Engagement Platform to create meaningful customer interactions.
  2. OneInsight – Structure and package customer data and transform it into invaluable insights.
  3. Your CRM – Display insights where they truly matter and turn knowledge into revenue.


OneInsight Engage empowers your sales team to trigger prepared Marketo Workflows making use of Smart Campaigns while keeping full trackability.
Best Bets
Urgency & Priority information lets your sales team target exactly the right people, saving valuable time.
Frequent Interactions let you cut through the clutter and show exactly what your customers engage with most.
Engagement Milestones
Interesting Moments & Scoring activities outline major interactions and deliver a meaningful history of the relationship with every person.
Activity Details
Web & Email Activities give a granular view of a customer’s interactions, from simple visits to clicks in emails or completed forms.
Person Details
Display all your Marketo fields and unlock the entire wealth of Marketo knowledge for your sales team.

OneInsight Marketo Integration

The OneInsight Marketo integration brings the full potential of Marketo to your business development and sales team by providing all relevant customer data like Interesting Moments, Web & Email interactions, and Scoring changes. All information is delivered via an easy-to-use, interactive user interface that highlights the most relevant data. The OneInsight Marketo integration can be done in under 10 minutes. Here are the steps necessary:

  1. Create your OneInsight User and Password: Follow the link in the “Welcome Email” you have received from us.
  2. Enter Marketo credentials in the admin interface of OneInsight to finish up the integration:
    • Munchkin ID: The Munchkin ID is unique for your Marketo instance and can be found in the admin section of Marketo by selecting “Munchkin”.
    • REST API Client ID / REST API Client Secret: You can get both values from Marketo by creating a Custom Service for Use with REST API in Marketo.
    • Smart List ID: Create this smart list in Marketo and use the filter Email Address is not empty. The ID of this smart list can be found in the URL bar of your browser after selecting the smart list.
    • Landing Page URL: You’ll find the domain name of the Marketo Landing Pages from the admin interface in Marketo under Integration -> Landing Pages -> Domain Name.


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