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Openprise Marketo Integration


The Openprise Marketo integration allows the data orchestration platform to automate all the painful, manual processes that your sales automation and marketing automation solutions don’t. Openprise is a single, no-code platform that combines the best practices, business rules, and data you need to automate hundreds of processes like list loading, cleansing and enrichment, segmentation, account scoring, and many more. With Openprise, you can boost campaign performance, scale up your operations, and consolidate your tech stack. Scale processes by automating painful manual processes like data prep and onboarding, GDPR compliance-or virtually any custom process without coding. Simplify your tech stack by replacing dozens of point solutions like advanced segmentation, lead and account scoring, ABM activity analysis, campaign attribution, lead routing, and account assignment. Gain a crystal-clear, 360-degree view of customer and prospect data by automating critical business processes like data unification, data enrichment, normalization, deduplication, lead-to-account matching, and lead-to-contact conversion. Get fast time-to-value with all the best practices, business logic, and data you need to start delivering value fast with lower risk.


Cleansing and Enrichment

Continuously cleanse, dedupe, standardize, and enrich your marketing data in real time.

Data Dedupe

Scan your sales and marketing systems 24/7 for duplicate records and automatically merge them using logic tailored for your business.


Normalize data like company names, phone number formats, state and country fields, job level, and job function-based on your exact specifications.

List Loading

Get leads to sales reps faster with automated data onboarding from dozens of different third-parties and internal systems.


Tailor attribution to your business-whether first-, last-, or multi-touch-and gain instant visibility into the campaigns producing the most revenue.

Data Unification

Create a single, cohesive view of your customers and prospects, and correlate data across your martech stack using both exact and fuzzy matching.


The Openprise Marketo integration connects via the Marketo API. Current integration pulls data from Marketo continuously on any schedule you specify. We highly recommend you view the tutorial video on how to configure your Openprise Marketo integration: https://youtu.be/Bh8HnKqH2Ag





  • Boost Campaign Performance
  • Simplify Your MarTech Stack
  • Accelerate Your Initiatives
  • See Fast Time-to-Value



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