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PFL Marketo Integration


Drive engagement with personalized direct mail, orchestrated in perfect harmony with digital channels. Our Tactile Marketing Automation (TMA) solution leverages data in Marketo to trigger relevant direct mail with the PFL Marketo integration.

Increase Marketing Effectiveness

Incorporate direct mail into your Marketo programs to increase pipeline velocity, drive higher engagement rates and grow your revenue.

Personalize Every Send

TMA can be scaled to send personalized direct mail for one contact or thousands. Create a unique experience for each prospect, account or cohort with custom text, images and design elements that can be added to packages, letters, white papers, handwritten notes, and much more!

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Consolidate your direct mail and digital work streams to ONE workflow and ONE platform. When the manual process of direct mail is taken off your hands, you save time and money and improve speed to market.

Your One-Stop Shop

Never worry about sourcing or print fulfillment – we handle it all for you with our in-house printing and fulfillment center. Have a global presence? We do too! We have processes and technology in place to keep your sensitive data HIPAA compliant. Set-up is simple and you’ll have a dedicated success team to help you execute multi-channel programs. We measure our success by your success.

Incorporate tactile marketing automation into your Marketo campaigns to get unprecedented ROI.

InsideSales.com generated 2x pipeline and 15x ROI using our TMA solution with their “Don’t Be Blindsided” campaign.

Jellyvision had 179x ROI with their “Open Enrollment Survival Kit.”

Invoca saw a whopping 1500% ROI while slashing production costs by 75% with their branded dimensional kit.


Timely and Data Driven
Trigger sends based on user behavior data from Marketo for timely and relevant communication.
Scalable Personalization
Variable printing lets you personalize offline marketing to make it unique for each prospect or customer, whether you’re sending to one or thousands!
Automated Fulfillment and Delivery
Sending personalized direct mail is as easy as sending an email.
If you dream it, we can send it (as long as it’s legal!) Letters, postcards, branded swag, gifts, wine, popcorn machines…you name it.
Real-Time Status/Delivery Tracking
Receive notifications when products are delivered (including exact dates and times) to trigger timely follow-up action.
Measure & Optimize Physical Mktg
Track all your marketing efforts in one place to prove ROI and see how leads are impacted by the TMA solution.

PFL Marketo Integration

We don’t believe a one-size-fits-all method addresses the unique needs of our clients, so please call to discuss your customized approach. To get started using Tactile Marketing Automation with the PFL Marketo integration, call 800-930-7098.





  • Personalized Print & Promo
  • Trigger Direct Mail Sends
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Dedicated Success Team



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