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Your marketing automation relies on data which often comes in different formats and lives in different systems. To complement this data, Marketo needs connectivity. This means that integration, especially synchronizing of data between Marketo and your systems of record such as CRM, ERP and others is essential for the success of your marketing automation systems. To solve this and other integration challenges, the Software AG Marketo integration offers webMethods.io.Integration. With webMethods.io, you can integrate Marketo with:

  • Cloud-based CRM applications, such as Salesforce, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and others.
  • ERP systems, such as SAP systems and Oracle E-Business Suite, whether hosted in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based applications and cloud APIs, including sales enablement, sales automation, event management and social media vendors.

As a global leader in the integration market for more than 15 years, Software AG integrates applications better than any other vendor.


webMethods.io and the Software AG Marketo integration solves the common challenge of integration – complexity. With this powerful multi-function iPaaS, business users can easily create crucial marketing integrations through a friendly web-based UI and connect Marketo environment with other cloud and on-premises based applications and data sources.

With webMethods.io you get:

Out of the Box Connectivity – Connect to a wide assortment of cloud-based applications and data sources such as CRM, ERP and other key systems.

Bi-directional Communication – Enable Marketo to easily connect and communicate with other applications and data sources.

Responsive Browser-based UI for Non-Technical Users – Enable business users to build integration with responsive browser-based user interface is built intentionally for analysts and citizen developers, as well as for technical users.

Orchestration – Easily create sophisticated integrations with webMethods.io Integration graphical user interface.

Mapping and Transformation – Benefit from drag-and-drop transformation and mapping so you can call operations that provide transformation and enrichment within your integrations.

Tenant and Role Management – Tenant registration and user and role management are key capabilities of webMethods.io Integration. Administrators can use roles to restrict user access to webMethods.io features.





  • Connect cloud & on premises
  • SFDC, SAP C4C, Dynamics CRM
  • Graphical user interface
  • Bi-directional communication



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