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Verticurl has developed a cloud application which allows you to run integrated marketing programs between Marketo Platform and WeChat.

Key Features of the Verticurl Marketo Integration – WeChat App:

  • Supports both Service and Subscription WeChat account types.
  • Supports both dynamic and static followers.
  • Allow contacts to scan QR code to sign up/follow your WeChat Account (sign-up data is stored immediately in Lead).
  • Send automatic and instant welcome messages to followers after sign-up.
  • Send scheduled targeted messages directly from Marketo Campaign to WeChat Followers.
  • Send messages with text, image, video, rich media article or audio content.
  • Use WeChat Field Merges in Text Message.
  • Append links in text and rich text messages with WeChat’s openID as a parameter.
  • Personalize WeChat menu.
  • Capture WeChat Menu activities in Marketo.
  • View instant reports at a campaign level and for followers of your company.
  • Export reports to excel.

Our WeChat Cloud app allows marketers to promote their products, solutions, and services through WeChat. Using our cloud app, Marketo users can generate leads & deliver the message to WeChat followers via campaign.

What’s New in Marketo – WeChat App

  • Capture WeChat leads through QR code scanning.
  • Sync existing users to send messages to WeChat.
  • Supports text, images, and multimedia messages.
  • Supports personalized messages.

Other System Requirements

A verified WeChat official account is needed in order to use our app. A new WeChat account can be created at https://mp.weixin.qq.com/

About Verticurl

Verticurl helps leading multinational enterprise organizations drive demand through thoughtful customer engagement strategies, marketing automation, and operational excellence. Verticurl has been a Gold Certified Marketo Partner since 2006 and has integrated Marketo with many 3rd party applications worldwide.


Our WeChat cloud App allows you to run integrated marketing programs seamlessly between the Verticurl Marketo integration and WeChat. Using our cloud app, marketers can promote their products, solutions, and services through WeChat. Marketo users can generate leads & deliver the message to WeChat followers via campaign.


  • Capture WeChat followers through QR code
  • Automate follower synchronization from WeChat App into Marketo
  • Leverage on contact profile and activities to personalize messages and WeChat menus to followers
  • Automatically capture WeChat follower’s menu activities on official account into Marketo
  • Easily view each Lead’s WeChat activities in Marketo
  • Quickly filter target followers and can send messages based on WeChat activities

Please go through the attached WeChat Marketo Integration Guide to know about the Marketo integration steps.





  • Lead Generation
  • QR Code Service
  • Message Service
  • Report Service



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