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Workato Marketo Integration


Why Workato? Custom integrations take time and require a lot of back-and-forth with IT and engineering, out-of-box integration tools break down at large amounts of data and cannot mold into your complex processes. Workato doesn’t make you choose between flexibility/power and ease-of-use/speed, we give you both. Market leaders like Slack, Visa, Intuit and Disney use Workato to streamline their processes and unify data to work less and market faster. Workato, the new Leader in Integration and Automation (Gartner & Forrester 2018-19), offers a no-code, drag-and-drop UI, fully customizable integration features and instant deployment at a fraction of the cost of its alternatives.


Built for Marketers
Drag-and-Drop, Plain English
Built for Speed
Integration done in hours, not weeks
Built for Enterprise
Complete flexibility & extensibility beyond firewalls
Built for Compliance
Trusted by Visa, Sony and Goldman Sachs

Workato Marketo Integration

The Workato Marketo integration helps you elevate your marketing outreach across every stage with intelligent automation. Flexible and extensible, Workato supports a variety of use cases.

Here are some of our customer use cases:

1. Streamline campaign launches and performance tracking – used by PureStorage. Get live visibility into all marketing activities on a single platform with automated reporting, performance tracking, event management, and campaign launch coordination.

2. Automate lead syncing – used by Laureate. Avoid duplicate work and fragmented leads. Automatically populate your opportunity data by syncing leads from all sources and carry out lead scoring to streamline lead outreach and qualification.

3. Get automated insights for upsell/cross-sell based on user behavior – used by Slack. Capture in-product data from multiple sources and automatically analyze these interactions. Workato will deliver packaged insights and segmented user behavior to automate targeted user data driven upsell/cross-sells.

4. Capture multi-touch revenue attribution – used by SoFi. Track every touchpoint in the marketing funnel from ads to events to signups. Automate the TOI of campaigns for multi-touch attribution.






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