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Engage your audiences with flawless and engaging video webinars. Zoom’s unique capabilities help you reach more people and grow your business globally. Present on video with confidence – Zoom’s quality and reliability means everyone has a seamless experience and you can focus on the content, not the technology. Unique multimedia and interactivity features build engagement and are extremely effective in building qualified leads. The Zoom Marketo integration is designed for Zoom Webinar + Marketo Customers. If you are interested in a Zoom Webinar license please contact sales@zoom.us.


Reach bigger audiences
Have 100 interactive video participants and present to 10,000+ attendees. Stream your live event on Youtube, Facebook, or your own custom platform.
Providing the best video experience
Host controls the audience layout view by choosing side-by-side view, gallery or active speaker with HD video (1080p) and virtual background options.
Easy join for attendees
It’s easy for your audience to join from anywhere whether it’s from a web browser, desktop client, through our mobile app, or from a conference room.
Build audience engagement
Use features like polls, Q&A, chat, raise hand, upvote questions, and unmute attendee for an interactive event.
Record your events
Record locally or to the cloud in MP4 format. Cloud recordings include automatic transcripts.
Make your event available on-demand
Leverage your event again and again with on-demand viewing. Marketo receives information for both live attendees and those who watched it later.

Zoom Marketo Integration

The Zoom Marketo integration optimizes customer outreach allowing you to streamline your lead flow with just a click. You can seamlessly pass data from Zoom directly into Marketo and vice versa. Automatically push Marketo registration information to Zoom Video Webinar, and pull attendance information for an event immediately back into Marketo to help your teams find the most valuable leads. After the webinar occurs, attendance details are pulled back to Marketo automatically, becoming a key part of your lead-nurturing process. This data includes:

  • Attendees invited/registered
  • People who successfully attended the webinar
  • People who did not attend the webinar
  • People who attended without invitation/ registration





  • Record & repurpose webinars
  • Engage 10,000+ attendees
  • Detailed reporting for leads
  • Native Zoom Marketo integration



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