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Demandbase Pardot Integration

Demandbase Pardot Integration

The Demandbase Pardot integration lets you execute nurture campaigns when using the Demandbase Salesforce app and for Conversion it displays Pardot Prospects in the Conversion channels of Slack, email, and the Conversion Salesforce app. Using Demandbase, the main comprehensive AI-enabled Account-based marketing platform on the market, combined with Pardot’s analytics power brings a whole new experience when it comes to ABM analytics for Pardot.

Demandbase syncs all Pardot prospects and their associated activities of the following types:

  • Form submission
  • Website visit
  • Email opens
  • Email clicks
  • Form visit
  • Landing page visit
  • File visit
  • Landing page submission
  • Attended webinar
  • Registered for webinar
  • Social post click
  • Video view
  • Video watched (>75% watched)
  • Video conversion
  • Event registered
  • Event checked in

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