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GoToWebinar Pardot Integration

GoToWebinar Pardot Integration

Pardot offers marketing automation and sales enablement tools that help sales and marketing departments team up to maximize efficiency and increase revenue. Automatically track, score, nurture and connect with prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Connecting Pardot with your GoTo Webinar account helps you:

  • Integrate webinar registration with your Pardot landing page
  • Automate attendee communication and follow up
  • Track lead generation and ROI from your webinar program
  • Understand prospect engagement all in one central platform, without the hassle of CSV importing and exporting

You’ll need your company’s Salesforce admin to install the integration first. Once that’s done, you can access GoTo Meeting from any Contact, Lead or Opportunity page. Schedule or start your meeting in seconds. Then get back to closing the deal.

The integration also tracks meeting details directly within Salesforce. You can see a full list of your previous sessions, when they took place, who attended and for how long.

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