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RingLead Pardot Integration

RingLead Pardot Integration

The RingLead Pardot integration takes RingLead’s end-to-end data management platform and enables Pardot users to reclaim the health of their database through automated data quality tasks. By identifying and merging duplicates among your existing Leads, Accounts, and Contacts, you can painlessly remain within Pardot record compliance and streamline the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams. RingLead’s heuristic algorithms identify duplicates using custom fuzzy and/or strict matching logic rules to conform to your unique business needs.


Optimize the quality of your data with simple, sophisticated cloud technology that gives you the power to reclaim the health of your Pardot database.
Standardize your records and implement a unified naming convention across your entire Pardot database.
Duplicate Prevention
Painlessly identify and merge duplicate records using 55+ custom matching logic rules and an automated deduplication task-scheduler.
List Import
Import lists quicker and smarter with real-time duplicate alerts and custom matching rules to ensure your records are properly scored and routed.
The most complete routing solution in the market. RingLead allows you to validate, enhance, normalize, segment, match, link and route new leads.
Real-time, crowdsourced data comes from more than a dozen vendors to give you the most accurate data & highest per field match rates in the industry.

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