Eloqua RSS Email Automation

Eloqua RSS Email in FeedOtter allows your marketing automation, content, and email marketing teams to deliver time savings and automated content emails at scale.

Automate Eloqua emails filled with content from your RSS feeds. Saving hours of email building and building your email community.
Automate Notification Emails

Send Eloqua RSS Blog Updates and Digests Automatically

In the modern marketing world, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn continue to reduce content engagement and external linking keeping visitors on their site.  As marketers we need audiences that we control and can reliably communicate with.  A great solution to this is capturing subscribers on your blog and giving them options about how to receive content and communications.

While blog and RSS email are nothing new there is no better time to build or re-build your email lists and subscribers.  Create great content and use your existing Eloqua marketing software to send content emails to the perfect audience at their preferred time.

  • Automate Eloqua RSS emails in minutes.
  • Set flexible sending schedules to deliver RSS email to Eloqua segments as content is published or on a schedule.
  • Completely hands-off automation.
  • Advanced features allow you to automate emails with content from multiple RSS feeds and even update emails on your Eloqua Canvas automations.
Custom Program Naming in EloquaEloqua Canvas Email
Eloqua RSS emails in multiple languages

Automate Content in Multiple Languages

A use-case that we have seen multiple Eloqua RSS email customers implement is automating content in multiple languages.

If you operate a global company, offering subscribers the ability to receive content emails in their native language has been shown to increase email engagement by as much as  40%.  For an Eloqua marketer this can be a daunting if not impossible task.

Our Eloqua RSS email solution allows you to construct automated campaigns that deliver content in multiple languages to different Eloqua segments without the need to create dozens of emails for each send.

Automate RSS Release Notes & Internal Communications

Are you a software company with regular release notes and updates that you need to email to customers, or employees?  Would you like to keep your sales team informed of new content that marketing creates?

Our RSS email product allows you to automate the creation of emails containing content from GitHub, CMS, and in-house systems using the RSS standard.  

Eloqua RSS Email - Release Notes Use Case

See It In Action

Click on the video below to watch a short overview video.

Ways to Use Oracle Eloqua RSS Email from FeedOtter

Our customers use FeedOtter’s Oracle Eloqua RSS-to-email software to do great things such as:


Using an XML formatted RSS feed containing system status updates allowed one client to automate system status emails that were sent via Oracle Eloqua.


Trying to keep a pool of candidates in the loop? Running a job board? Oracle Eloqua RSS email from FeedOtter allows you to send all your job alert emails directly from Oracle Eloqua. It also works great for monthly job digests and newsletters!


Sick of creating great content that your internal team never sees? Use FeedOtter to alert your internal teams to your latest content, news, events, blog posts, or ebooks.


Publicly traded companies use FeedOtter to send their legally required newsroom and disclosure content to investors, board members, and stakeholders.


Create automated top-product, new-product, or best-seller emails and newsletters using your WordPress store’s RSS feed or your Shopify feed.


Seamlessly email your blog content using our Oracle Eloqua RSS email solution. With more than 25 free templates, your RSS-to-blog digest email will be setup and running in less than 15 minutes.

Need More Control Over Your Content Email

Try our Eloqua Newsletter Builder product.

Eloqua Newsletter Builder

Need more control? Our drag-and-drop newsletter builder will allow you to select the perfect content from any online source, CMS, or website.

Our intuitive editor makes adding content, re-ordering, tweaking text, images, and CTA's easy without touching code.

Turn content from your favorite CMS or website into robust email newsletters in minutes not hours.

  • Connect data from your blog, website, CMS, social channels, even custom databases.  FeedOtter has content integrations with dozens of platforms and can build a custom content email solution if you need it.
  • Our integration allows you to perfectly mesh your Eloqua Email Groups and Headers/Footers with your newsletters.
  • Advanced approval workflow allows your editors to drag and drop newsletters together and then seek approval from the team.
  • We include complimentary email setup and import for all your custom newsletter designs.
Peter A.
"We used to build digests manually which meant that we didn't keep up with this marketing task during busy times. So glad to have an automated approach with FeedOtter. This really saves us a lot of time and helps stay consistent in our marketing efforts."
Eloqua Newsletter Builder Screenshot

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