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Connect Wordpress and Marketo

Publish content from Wordpress directly to Marketo emails and newsletters.

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Wordpress and Marketo Publishing

Wordpress and Marketo are popular combinations in the modern marketing stack.  More than 15% of all business websites run on the Wordpress CMS and more than 5,000 businesses rely on Marketo for marketing automation.  Connecting Wordpress and Marketo unlocks a powerful content integration allowing Wordpress editors to publish content directly to Marketo emails.

Setting up this powerful integration takes just minutes and requires no technical experience or email design capabilities. FeedOtter does the heavy lifting allowing you to seamlessly email your content via Marketo.
Sally uses FeedOtter to integrate Wordpress and Marketo
Sally D.
Digital Operations Marketing Manager
"The product integrates easily with WordPress and Marketo. You can review the email generated in the send program before sending or automate the email send process. I was up and running quickly."
Publish Wordpress content to email newsletters

Wordpress and Marketo Newsletters

Building a Marketo newsletter with your Wordpress content has never been easier.  Editors publish their content as usual denoting content that is cleared for Marketo newsletters.

A single email marketers can then revise, preview, and tweak the newsletter before pushing it to Marketo for sending.

A process that used to take 4 hours every day can now be completed in minutes.

Selecting Wordpress content for a Marketo email
Ready to Save Hours of Email Creation Time?

FeedOtter is more than just email automation.  We allow you to create routine emails in minutes that previously took hours.

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