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Apps and addon products that integrate with Marketo Engage to enhance your marketing automation experience.
If you're are a Marketo user looking for apps to extend your Marketo software this is the place.  In 2012 Marketo launched a great directory called Marketo Launchpoint.  This was an amazing resource for the Marketo community which allowed Marketo customers to easily find software products that integrated with Marketo.

Fast-forward to 2022. With the acquisition of Marketo by Adobe the old Marketo Launchpoint directory was shut down and integrations can now be found in the Adobe Exchange under the Marketo Engage category.  While still useful the number of integrations listed is significantly limited so our team did a webcrawl and pulled together a more exhaustive list of software products that integrate with Marketo.
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Dunn Bradstreet Marketo Integration
CozyRoc Marketo Integration

COZYROC Marketo Integration

Easy integration or migration to and from Marketo service preserving the integrity of your data.

G2 Marketo Integration
Gainsight Marketo Integration
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