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Top Marketo Blog Digest Features

Customers love FeedOtter’s Marketo software for many reasons, here are just a few


With FeedOtter for Marketo you can choose to have your emails sent 100% automated saving you time and mindshare. However, our advanced capabilities allow for a semi-automated mode in which emails are created for you in Marketo without scheduling. This gives you time to review, A/B test, and even modify your email before it reaches your blog subscribers.


Most users publish their first Marketo blog digest within 15 minutes of signing up for the FeedOtter trial. One reason is that we include so many well-tested, great looking newsletter email templates. Paste in your RSS feed, select a template, upload a logo and activate! Your emails will look awesome in minutes -no designer required. If you have design resources or an existing html email template that you wish to use with FeedOtter we support that too.

Who Loves FeedOtter’s Marketo Blog Digest Software?

Over 100 Marketo users have discovered the automation and convenience of FeedOtter’s Marketo blog digest software since 2016. Here are few and what they have to say.

Our company needed a way to optimize our blog digest to increase engagement with our posts. FeedOtter provided us with the ability to not only customize and optimize our blog templates but also A/B test as much or as little as we need to. Since we implemented FeedOtter, our blog digest subscribers have steadily increased and we have continued to see improvement in overall blog engagement. FeedOtter has also been great about support through our transition process to using the product as well as any questions we had after. I can only see our relationship with FeedOtter growing in the future as our needs for RSS feed integration increases!

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Michael T. Marketing Operations Analyst LinkedIn

The product integrates easily with WordPress and Marketo. You can choose to review the email generated in the send program before sending or automate the email send process. Features include single blog post, digest with configurable number of posts, multiple templates, sending a sample email, and cloning RSS Campaigns.

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Sally D. Digital Operations Marketing Manager LinkedIn

This is the way email software should be. FeedOtter made our blog digest 100% better and for half the cost of what we were previously using. I set up our daily and weekly campaigns in under 10 minutes and was able to quickly integrate with Marketo. I’ve recommended it to other Marketing pros and teams within our organization. Couldn’t be happier with it. As an added bonus, the level of customer support I’ve received is way above any other vendor I’ve worked with.

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Taylor G. Content Marketing Specialist LinkedIn

FeedOtter integrated our WordPress and Marketo applications to eliminate the manual work of sending out blog digests. End result – I have more time to spend on other content marketing projects without worrying about our subscribers receiving content.

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Rick G. Head of Digital Marketing LinkedIn

How Does it Work?

Here is a walkthrough of the typical Marketo blog digest campaign using FeedOtter for automation.

Create a new automated blog digest campaign

FeedOtter organizes everything as a “campaign”. To create a new Marketo blog digest with FeedOtter create a new automated campaign in FeedOtter. In the next step you will setup when and how often FeedOtter creates and schedules your blog digest in Marketo.

Select a template

Creating a Marketo blog digest email that looks great and displays perfectly in your lead’s inbox can be daunting. That’s why our team has spent sleepless nights creating perfect, responsive, Litmus-tested blog digest email templates that are easy to customize or ready to use out of the box.
  • The number of posts to appear in each digest
  • The sending interval (month, week, day, hour, minute)
  • Whether to send on weekend or limit sending to business days only
  • Your timezone

Enter your RSS feed url

Content for your Marketo blog digest comes from an RSS feed. This is a very common, structured format for blog data. Most CMS systems including WordPress have these feeds by default. In the Plus and Advanced pricing tiers you can add multiple RSS feeds to create sections in your blog digest email.

Select a template

Creating a Marketo blog digest email that looks great and displays perfectly in your lead’s inbox can be daunting. That’s why our team has spent sleepless nights creating perfect, responsive, Litmus-tested blog digest email templates that are easy to customize or ready to use out of the box.

Customize and Personalize

FeedOtter provides just the right amount of customization to make creating an on-brand blog digest quick and easy. Features vary by template but all templates allow you to:

  • Upload a company logo
  • Customize the primary, secondary, and button colors to match your brand
  • Define the number of word/characters each post blurb should display
  • Enter your company social media profiles to display icons

Certain templates allow for advanced customization such as:

  • Headline
  • Subheadline
  • Graphical header image/masthead
  • A paragraph of greeting text

Proof and Magic

You can send yourself a proof email at anytime during the creation
process by pressing the PROOF button located in the blog digest
editing interface. This is also a great way to test your RSS email
using a tool like Litmus.  In addition to testing there are a number of
details that our users love including:

Image Processing:

We have built a proprietary image processing technology to make
sure your images resize and look perfect in all emails.  No more
stretching, shrinking, or missing images.  FeedOtter recommends
that you have tags setup on your blog and that all images therein
are at least 600px wide to ensure the images in your emails look
great -always.  We always prefer to use an tag to ensure the
images shown in your rss emails are the same as those shown
elsewhere on the web.

UTM Tracking:

It’s easy to add UTM codes to your Marketo RSS email from inside
FeedOtter.  Here’s an example of how to add UTM properties to the
FeedOtter loop. You will need to edit the FeedOtter template code a
bit but we’re here to help if you get stuck.


Marketo Merge Tokens

You can use ANY Marketo merge tokens in your RSS emais. Clients
have used this to inject banner ads, first name text, or custom

Configure automation level and Audience

Full automation means that FeedOtter builds and schedules RSS email in Marketo automatically. If you want more control or are testing you can run FeedOtter in “semi-automated mode” which automates the email creation in Marketo but allows you to review, edit, and send manually. Clients frequently use this feature to A/B test new RSS emails and ensure setup is perfect.

Watch it run

During the setup wizard you will be prompted to create a Marketo Smart List that defines your email recipients.

Once setup, FeedOtter will automate your RSS email by cloning the ### – FeedOtter Setup email program.

This ensures a unique email and email program are created for each RSS email so you can report on opens, clicks, and engagement using the familiar Marketo Email Performance Reports.

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