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FeedOtter Automated Email is a Marketo integration partnering with marketing automation, content, and email marketing teams to deliver time savings and automated content emails at scale.
Easily automate blog, podcast, newsletter, digest and video emails
Increase website traffic and give your content its greatest reach
Email performance and link reporting work perfectly
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Marketo rss email automation

Marketo RSS Email Automated

Marketo is one of the leading marketing automation products in the market today. With over 5,000 businesses relying on it to automate their marketing processes, FeedOtter is the missing Marketo feature that allows Marketo to send RSS email. This means you can now send content from your blog, website, or CMS to your Marketo lists and smart lists without tedious email creation.

Creating a Marketo RSS email will reduce common problems encountered when building routine emails by hand including:
Missing images or text
Broken HTML formatting
Hours lost to editing
Emails do not get sent when your team gets busy
A Marketo RSS email will also ensure your content is always sent on-time, correctly, with perfect reporting via Marketo email and link performance reports as well as Google Analytics UTM campaigns.
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Automatically load content into your Marketo RSS email

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How it works

Create your Marketo RSS email in 5 easy steps

1. Create

Get started by created a new Automated Email Campaign in your FeedOtter account.
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2. Schedule

Use advanced scheduling options to send your email at any frequency.
When there is new RSS content
At a designated date/time
Business days only
Every other week/month
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Send your Marketo RSS email on your schedule
Quickly pull content into your Marketo RSS email

3. Add content

Add a single RSS feed to pull in the latest content from your blog, website or podcast.
You can combine up to 5 RSS feeds to weave a complex, content-driven email in minutes.
The possibilites are endless.
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4. Design

Upload your own custom template or choose from our library of Litmus-tested email templates for quick and easy setup.
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Beautiful Marketo RSS email examples from FeedOtter
Track email and website performance on every Marketo RSS email

5. Automate and Measure

Our Marketo integration allows you to quickly setup Smart List targeting rules to find the perfect audience for your emails.

Then, experience perfect reporting of every open, click, and engagement all natively in Marketo. Our Google Analytics integration gives you insight into new website traffic gains.
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Even More Advanced Marketo RSS Functionality!

FeedOtter contains lots of extra features that make the little things easy.
Support for All Marketo Merge Tokens

You can use ANY Marketo tokens in your RSS emails. Clients have used this capability to display banner ads, personalized text, and custom greetings.

Image Processing:

We have built a proprietary image processing technology to make sure your images resize and look perfect in all emails. No more stretching, shrinking, or missing images. FeedOtter recommends that you have tags setup on your blog and that all images therein are at least 600px wide to ensure the images in your emails look great -always. We always prefer to use a tag to ensure the images shown in your RSS emails are the same as those shown elsewhere on the web.

UTM Tracking:

Adding UTM campaign codes to your Marketo RSS emails is a great way to report on exactly how much traffic your RSS emails are bringing back to your website. Many customers report increases by as much as 15% when sending a regular Marketo RSS email.

FeedOtter includes an automatic way to add common UTM codes to your links. Google Analytics will then show you exactly which emails, which sends, and which posts drove traffic to your website.

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