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Pardot Email Builder

Streamline the process of building Marketo emails and bring your marketing automation, content, and email marketing teams together to deliver time savings and automated content emails at scale.

Reduce email creation time to minutes using the Marketo email builder from FeedOtter.
Automate Notification Emails

Drag and Drop Content

Use our Pardot email builder to seamlessly create email newsletters and drag and drop content from any RSS feed or website for more creative control over your content.
  • Drag and drop content into your newsletter quickly and easily.
  • Customize your content directly in the app to ensure your newsletter looks exactly how you want.
  • Connect content from your blog, website, Youtube or any of our integrations to create content newsletters.
  • Save webpages as you go with the FeedOtter Bookmark to add content directly into your email from anywhere on the web.
Pardot Email Builder for newsletters and creative control of your content.
Pardot Email Builder for newsletters and creative control of your content.

The Best Pardot Email Builder

FeedOtter designed the Pardot email builder to work seamlessly with Pardot and allow you to create beautiful emails in a fraction of the time.
  • One-click publish newsletter to Pardot.
  • FeedOtter supports custom fields and allows you to add Pardot personalization tokens in your newsletter.
  • Advanced approval workflow for your editors to create content newsletters and seek approval from the team easily.

Automate Pardot Email Creation

Save hours of time and frustration with FeedOtter's Pardot email builder. Completely hands-off automation and streamline the process of building Pardot emails with your RSS feed.
  • One-time setup with automated campaigns then completely hands-off email sends.
  • 30+ included templates from our library or bring your own from Pardot or any other html template.
  • Reduce errors from copying and pasting or hardcoding content into your Pardot emails.
FeedOtter's Pardot email builder allows you to schedule multiple email sends.

Discover what you can do with FeedOtter for Pardot

Save Hours

Build Pardot emails in minutes vs. hours by dumping the native Pardot email builder

Automate Wherever Possible

Automate Pardot emails that are routine such as blog updates, podcast, and video content emails

Increase Traffic

Send monthly recap digests to increase website traffic

Pardot Email Builder
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