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Automate great-looking blog digest emails in seconds sent from your existing ESP or marketing automation platform.
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automated B2B blog digest newsletters

The missing blog digest feature in your marketing automation software

FeedOtter adds automated blog digest functionality to all of the top marketing automation platforms including:
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What makes our universal blog digest software great?

Regular blog digest emails lead to more traffic

Whether your publish new content every day or whenever inspiration strikes, sending a regular weekly B2B blog digest email has been proven to increase website traffic by as much as 15%.
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Track email and website performance on every blog digest
Automate your blog digest with RSS feeds and FeedOtter's scheduler

Focus on your content, not building and scheduling email

Creating content for your B2B blog takes time and costs money. Spreading the word about what you publish shouldn't have to. Choose the day and time you'd like your emails to go out, and we'll send them whenever there's something new to share.
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Optimize your content delivery

FeedOtter's deep integration with your marketing automation software means you can now report on when subscribers engage with your content. Get more opens and clicks on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Update your campaign to only send on those days. Seeing the most clicks at noon? Change your email's send time to improve engagement and website traffic.
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Send your B2B blog digest on your schedule
Beautiful FeedOtter blog digest email examples

Image processing

Images make your blog digest email look awesome. This is why we have built a custom image engine that scans your content to find the best looking image for every blog post. We use intelligent cropping and resizing algorithms to ensure your images always appear, look great, aren't crooked, skewed, or stretched.
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How does it work?

Create your blog digest campaign in FeedOtter

To create a new blog digest with FeedOtter create a new automated campaign in FeedOtter.
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Create your blog digest in FeedOtter
Send your blog digest on your schedule

Choose your delivery schedule

Flexible sending patterns make FeedOtter work for any use-case. When creating a blog digest you will select "Digest" and configure the following options:
The number of posts to appear in each digest
The sending interval (month, week, day, hour, minute)
Whether to send on weekend or limit sending to business days only
Your timezone
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Add your blog's RSS feed

Content for your blog digest comes from an RSS feed.  This is a very common, structured format for blog data.  Most CMS systems including WordPress have these feeds by default.  In the Plus and Advanced pricing tiers you can add multiple RSS feeds to create sections in your blog digest email.
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Pull your best content into your automated blog digest
Choose one of FeedOtter's built-in blog digest templates

Select a template or upload your own

Creating a blog digest email that looks great and displays perfectly in your lead’s inbox can be daunting. That’s why our team has spent sleepless nights creating perfect, responsive, Litmus-tested blog digest email templates that are easy to customize or ready to use out of the box.
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Customize and personalize

FeedOtter provides just the right amount of customization to make creating an on-brand blog digest quick and easy.  Features vary by template but all templates allow you to:
Upload a company logo
Customize the primary, secondary, and button colors to match your brand
Define the number of word/characters each post blurb should display
Enter your company social media profiles to display icons
Certain templates allow for advanced customization such as:
Graphical header image/masthead
A paragraph of greeting text
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Customize your blog digest easily
Send your blog digest using your ESP


FeedOtter is integrated into all the top ESP and marketing automation products.  Every blog digest is sent from your existing ESP so all opens, clicks, engagement, and unsubscribes are reported perfectly in one system.
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Improve your brand awareness and blog engagement with automated newsletters by FeedOtter.
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