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Automate Newsletter Creation

Reduce or eliminate time spent creating routine newsletters.
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Revolutionize Newsletter Creation Workflow

Start With A Modern Template

Use one of our mobile-friendly, responsive, email newsletter templates or bring your own. Our flexible template syntax allows you to script your emails and data perfectly. Or let our team do it for you, its free!
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Meghan saves hours every day sending Marketo emails with FeedOtter.
Megan Vick
Digital Managing Editor, ProFarmer
"We’re very happy with how FeedOtter is working and with the immense time and frustration saving FeedOtter has delivered!"
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Integrate Your Content Sources

Customers that create daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters often face the same situation. Editors spend countless hours copying and pasting content from websites or content management platforms into an email editor.

We solve this by integrating all the places your content lives: your website, blog(s), rss feeds, JSON endpoints, Wordpress, NewsCred, and anywhere else.

Editors can now select a content source and drag and drop content into newsletters. This is how your team saves HOURS of newsletter creation time with each send.

Select The Perfect Content

Our drag-and-drop editor redefines the term. With a focus on content your team can build emails by dragging, reordering, and tweaking content rather than worrying about using the clumsy email builder tools in your ESP.

Our "on-rails" approach allows you to change the most time-consuming content saving your team hours with every newsletter they create.
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A newsletter automated in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Send From Your Platform

Download your completed HTML or push it directly to one of our marketing automation integrations.

"Our newsletter creation time went from 4 hours to 5 minutes" 

Every day, brands and publishers use FeedOtter to reduce routine email creation time.

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Ready to Save Hours of Email Creation Time?

FeedOtter is more than just email automation.  We allow you to create routine emails in minutes that previously took hours.

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