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Simple Setup Guide For MailChimp RSS Email

Complete these easy steps to setup MailChimp RSS email with FeedOtter's advanced features.
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Setup Your RSS Email Campaign in FeedOtter

  1. Login or create a FeedOtter account.
  2. Create a new automated email campaign and setup your RSS feeds and sending schedule.
  3. When you’re happy with your email preview, click the green Publish to MailChimp button.
Publish to Mailchimp

Create a Connection with Mailchimp

The first time you connect FeedOtter and MailChimp you will be prompted to setup a connection. This is a simple 1-click process thanks to the MailChimp Auth process.

Click the Add a MailChimp Connection button

Note: You can add multiple MailChimp connections to your account. This is perfect for consultants that want to manage multiple customers' automated emails.

Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

Enter Your Mailchimp Username and Password

Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

Select Your MailChimp Folder and Audience

Now that FeedOtter and MailChimp are connected it's time to select a MailChimp folder. This is where FeedOtter will put the automated emails it creates. This is only important from an organizational standpoint but it is required that you have at least 1 folder (we want you to stay organized).

Then select the Audience. This determines who will receive your MailChimp RSS email.

Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

Save and Go!

Upon clicking the Save and Publish button, FeedOtter will start your automated email campaign. You will be returned to the FeedOtter dashboard where your campaign is visible.

Pay special note to the “Next Send” information as this will tell you when your next scheduled send will occur. If you need to change anything, click the Edit button.

Mailchimp RSS Email Campaign block
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