Step-by-Step Guide: Creating and Sending Marketo Curated Newsletters

Create and send seamless Marketo curated newsletters with FeedOtter and our multiple publishing options.

Creating Curated Newsletters and Publishing them to Marketo

FeedOtter's Curated Newsletter feature gives you the editorial control you need to select, order and tweak the content in your Marketo emails. With Marketo, we also have a variety of options for publishing your email to Marketo. Here's the basic steps we'll walk through here.

  1. Create a Marketo curated newsletter campaign in your FeedOtter account.
  2. Setup the campaign defaults; subject, from, email template design, Marketo publishing details.
  3. Configure your content sources and install the bookmark.
  4. Create your first New Issue.
  5. Add content, re-order, and edit content placement.
  6. Test, Review, and Publish to your Marketo instance.

This guide will cover the Marketo specific publishing options. If you have not already read our comprehensive Curated Newsletter Setup Guide and then return here to learn about the specific publishing options for Marketo users.

The fastest way to get up to speed is to watch the short video below.  It outlines all the Marketo publishing options available when publishing newsletters to Marketo.

YouTube video

The topics below are best practices that we recommend applying AFTER you have some experience with Curated Newsletters and have created and published your first few issues.  The steps below are designed as ways to save even more time with publishing to Marketo.

Set Marketo As Your Default Publishing Destination

If you always publish your curated newsletters to Marketo you can select a default integration and pre-configure many of the settings such as Channels and Tags.  This saves you time by not having to re-fill the dropdowns every time you want to send an email.  To setup a default integration for your newsletter:

  1. From the Curated Newsletters dashboard. Click the SETUP button for the newsletter you wish to edit.
  2. On the left side menu select Integration
  3. Click Configure Defaults

Proceed to select the default settings including tags/channels and the type of publishing you would like to do.

Configure Marketo connection for Marketo curated newsletter

About Marketo Publishing Options

Here you'll decide what happens once you publish your Marketo curated newsletter. You'll have the option to create an email program and email, email only, or to use the FeedOtter interface to schedule your Marketo email send. Here are the different send options broken down:

Create an Email Program and Email

With this option selected publishing completed newsletters from FeedOtter will result in a new Marketo Email Program and Marketo Email.  To complete the send you will login to Marketo, set the Audience, and Approve the send.  Several benefits of this approach include the ability to 1) Use Marketo's A/B test features 2) Use Marketo's "send in recipient time zone" feature.  Overall this option gives you the most control over your newsletter sends at the expense of a couple manual steps.

Email Only

This option allows you to publish a Marketo email object.  No addl. programs or campaigns will be created.  A typical use-case is when you prefer to use a Smart Campaign to do your email sending vs. an Email Campaign in Marketo.  There is no real advantage over the previous approach other than preference.

Schedule Your Send From FeedOtter

This is the newest option and while more complicated to setup allows you to schedule your newsletter sends without leaving the FeedOtter interface. This can be useful if you email builders/editors do not have Marketo accounts or do not want to access Marketo.  This is also the most hand-off sending approach.  You configure your newsletter audience once and each send is directed to the same people.

Whichever option you select will carry over into your newsletter issues and allow you to easily create your Marketo curated newsletters, exactly the way you need them to appear.

Once you've selected your publishing option, Select the program/folder you'd like the curated newsletter to appear in and your Marketo channel.



When you have created your Marketo Curated Newsletter and are ready to publish.  You will have several options. 

What happens next will depend on the integration you setup in your newsletter defaults. Here is a breakdown of how the integration handles publishing Marketo curated emails.

Ensure your parent Marketo folder or program and other Marketo details are accurate. FeedOtter will create your Marketo curated newsletter ready to send from Marketo as specified in your Setup.

publish Marketo curated newsletter

At this point you should be publishing your newsletters into your Marketo account.

For more information on Curated Newsletter best practices view these useful guides:

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