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Publishing UberFlip Streams to Email

UberFlip email automation from FeedOtter allows you to publish UberFlip content directly to emails and email newsletters sent by Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, or any ESP!

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Connect UberFlip to FeedOtter

Our partnership with UberFlip means that you can publish your UberFlip content streams to FeedOtter emails quickly and easily. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to build custom newsletters with your UberFlip content.  In the second-half, I will show you how to automate an email when you publish content in UberFlip.

The first step is to connect your UberFlip and FeedOtter accounts.

To do this we first need to login to our UberFlip platform.

UberFlip Integration Login

Locate Your UberFlip Integration API Key and Secret

Once logged-in to UberFlip:

Navigate to Account Settings located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Under Integration select REST API Credentials.


Create an UberFlip integration api key

Copy your API Key and API Secret to a memorable place.  We will paste these into your FeedOtter account.

Connect Your FeedOtter Account to UberFlip

In a new browser tab, navigate to FeedOtter, then to the Content Sources page.

Add a new Content Source and name it "My First UberFlip Stream."

Paste in the API Key and Secret from your UberFlip account settings.

Click the Connect button.

UberFlip email streams integration

Once connected you will be promoted to select which UberFlip stream you wish to use in FeedOtter.

More than one stream? No problem, you can clone this content source and map multiple streams into your FeedOtter account. Now everything stays organized and you can route content to the right emails.

Select the UberFlip stream for use in your email.

Setup Your First UberFlip Email

You are now ready to create your first email using your connected UberFlip content streams.

In FeedOtter, navigate to the Curated Emails page and create a new Curated Email.

Under Content Sources, select the UberFlip feed you just created.  If you followed this guide to the tee then you named it "My First UberFlip Stream."

You will see the content in your stream available to be dragged/dropped into a new newsletter email.

Drag and drop UberFlip content into a new email.

Using this powerful integration you can turn your UberFlip streams into blog digests, newsletters, employee shareletters, editor's picks and all manners of creative content emails.

Automated Emailing - The Missing UberFlip Integration

Now that we've covered how to save time creating newsletters and digests that contain your UberFlip stream content, let's tackle another common use for UberFlip and FeedOtter: automating an email send when new content is published.

Having a look at the current Integrations page in UberFlip, we can see that while UberFlip does have native integrations with Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and Hubspot, their integrations don't allow you to publish your content to emails, automated or otherwise. 

UberFlip's Missing Integrations

This is where FeedOtter is used to distribute your content to your email subscribers.  This can increase your UberFlip Content Hub's traffic by as much as 15% while ensuring that your content reaches the widest audience possible.  In 2020, if you invest in creating great content you must promote it with your email channel.

Select the Hub and RSS Feed

Find Your UberFlip RSS Feed

In UberFlip, navigate to the content hub that you wish to automate email for.

Look to the right-side of the hub and find the RSS icon and link.

Right-click and copy the link to a safe place. We will paste this into FeedOtter in the next step.

Once viewing your stream look for the RSS button in the bar above Stream Items.

Copy and paste this link to a notepad as you will need to enter this into FeedOtter to connect your Hub content.

Create an Automated Email Campaign in FeedOtter

Login to your FeedOtter account and create a new Automated Campaign.

Select your ESP. In this example we will use Pardot.

Set the schedule so that FeedOtter checks your UberFlip stream for new content at the desired interval.  For starters, we recommend setting this to Daily.  This ensures that FeedOtter will only send content once-a-day at most.  

As you become more familiar with FeedOtter's automation you can increase the polling to send content almost in real-time.

Last, drop your UberFlip RSS feed (found in the previous step) into the FeedOtter UI (seen below).

UberFlip email setup in FeedOtter.

From here you can use all the familiar FeedOtter features to setup an email template, customize it to your brand and, when ready, activate your new email campaign.

FeedOtter will begin checking your UberFlip RSS feed for new content at the interval you specified.  When FeedOtter sees a new published piece of content, it will trigger a new email send to your specified Pardot lists - sent from Pardot (or Marketo etc.).

A few of the best practices for automating UberFlip email with FeedOtter:

Create A Hidden Stream That Contains Only Content You Wish to Publish to Email

When we setup a new UberFlip customer we recommend creating a new hidden stream.  This way you have full control over which posts are published to your email channel.  You can publish a post to your email daily, weekly or whenever you wish... the FeedOtter integration is standing by to send an email when you publish the content in your UberFlip account.

FeedOtter IS the UberFlip Email Integration

Because most content management softwares such as UberFlip do not offer a native email sending integration, FeedOtter provides a universal way to integrate your content directly to your email channel.  We do this with our bulletproof integrations with the leading ESP and marketing automation platforms.

To learn more about our ESP integration solutions, click on a logo below or contact us to discuss a custom integration or question.

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