UberFlip Email Add-On

Automatically email UberFlip Hub content to your Marketo and Pardot leads

If you use UberFlip to host content and you’ve invested in Marketo or Pardot to nurture prospects and leads you’re one step away from a fully integrated, automated content marketing machine.

Problem: The only way to email UberFlip content to prospects in Marketo & Pardot is to copy & paste.

Until now no solution has existed to automate the creation of beautiful, responsive, uberflip content emails and that is why we built the UberFlip Email Add-On.

How It Works

1. Select the Uberflip Hub content to include in your email

The easiest way to connect your uberflip content is to create an email containing your latest uberflip content.  To do this log in to your Uberflip Hub and look for your Hub URL in the upper left-hand corner.

This will take you to the Manage Content section of your Uberflip Hub.  Once there look for the RSS button in the bar above the Stream Items.

Copy and paste this link to a notepad as you will need to enter this into FeedOtter to connect your Hub content.

2. Add Your Uberflip Hub feed url into FeedOtter

Login to FeedOtter and create a new Campaign. Under RSS Feed paste in the Uberflip feed url that you acquired in the last step.  Click the Validate button to display a preview of how your new email will look.

FeedOtter includes lots of well-tested, responsive, email templates that make your content shine with no technical work or extra-coding or you can create your own customized template -the possibilities are endless!

3. Schedule Your Uberflip Hub Email in Pardot or Marketo

FeedOtter gives your total control over when your content emails should be sent.  Options include:

  • Every-time new content is published to your Uberflip Hub
  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly intervals
  • Every-Other week, day, month
  • Ensure your emails are only sent on business days when your leads are at their desk

Now that your Uberflip content is inside a beautiful email FeedOtter makes it easy to automate sending the email through Pardot or Marketo. To activate your marketing automation software click the Publish To… button in FeedOtter and follow the platform specific instructions.

Once activated your emails will send automatically through Marketo/Pardot with perfect reporting and tracking.

Ready to ubercharge Uberflip?