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How Automating Content Emails Grew the U.S. Green Building Council's Email List by 11%

Meet the U.S. Green Building Council. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) uses Pardot's marketing automation to engage subscribers, drive traffic to their website, and...

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How Trimble Used Multi-Language Newsletters to Increase App and Content Downloads by 150%

Meet Trimble. Trimble was founded in 1978. They provide software, hardware, and services that digitize and transform the agriculture, construction, geospatial, transportation industries, and more....

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Genesys Scales and Automates Global RSS Content Distribution with FeedOtter

Genesys® is the global leader in cloud customer experience and call center software solutions to thousands of organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity...

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Clinicient Increased Its B2B Blog Traffic By 15% with FeedOtter

Meet Clinicient. Clinicient produces amazing content on its B2B blog — but not enough customers and prospects were seeing it. This is the story of...

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