WALKTHROUGH - Multiple RSS Feeds in a Single FeedOtter Automated RSS Email

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Today I'm going to walk through creating a multiple RSS feed email from start to finish using FeedOtter's built-in templates.  Combining multiple RSS feeds into an email is a great way to include multiple categories of content or multiple types of content in an email that can be automated using FeedOtter with Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, or MailChimp account.

For this example we are going to use the Marketo blog. Marketo has done a great job of creating different categories of marketing content. For each one of these categories, there's typically an underlying RSS feed. I've collected those feeds, each corresponding to a different category of content: digital marketing, content marketing, and marketing technology.

# Category RSS Feeds:

Next I head over to FeedOtter and create a new automated email. The most important step is the feeds tab. If you have the multiple feeds feature available in your account you will see the option to add additional feeds beyond the typical Feed 1.  Here I have added 3 feeds and filled in my 3 Marketo blog feed URLs.

Feed Loop Code Example

Hit the "validate feeds" button to save your feeds.

Next, we need to select the Multifeed email template from the FeedOtter template library.

Multiple Feeds Template Picker


Click the "select" button to update your email preview with the new template.

We now have an email that includes multiple categories of content. Our customers have used this feature to achieve many advanced solutions such as displaying blog posts with videos, jobs, whitepapers, tutorial videos, and many more all in the same email!

Multiple rss feed email preview

The last important step is to change the section titles.  To do this we need to edit the actual template code. Use the "find" interface to search for the text "feed title" and replace each occurrence with your desired section title.

Edit the Feed Titles


When you're finished click the "save code" button and then return to the Preview Tab to review your changes.

That's it! Your multi-feed email is ready to automate the same as any other FeedOtter automated email.

If you want to learn more about our multifeed feature and how the code works as well as its more advanced aspects. Read our article How to code a custom multiple rss feed email in FeedOtter.

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