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Create Email Newsletters in Minutes

FeedOtter's Newsletter Builder allows you to easily drag-and-drop content into your newsletters in a fraction of the time. The Newsletter Builder works with your marketing automation, content, and email marketing teams to deliver time savings and curated newsletter emails at scale.

Turn your web content into stunning email newsletters in just a few minutes.
Automate Notification Emails

Turn Your Content Into Emails

Newsletters created using FeedOtter automatically populate with your latest content and allow editors to remove, re-order, and edit snippets while saving countless hours of error-prone copy and paste.
  • Auto-populate newsletter sections with content from your website or CMS
  • Editors can remove, re-order, edit text, add commentary without risk of breaking the design
  • Flexible modern interface allows for editing content quickly and easily
Adding content to a newsletter
Bookmark Any Web Page to Your Newsletter

Bookmark Web Pages to Newsletters

Quickly add any web page to an email newsletter by bookmarking it.
  • Edit the title, description, and link at bookmark time
  • Select a great image from all suitable page images
  • Bookmarked posts are instantly added to your newsletter

Newsletter Approval 

A built-in approval workflow allows editors to build emails and submit for approval and accountability tracking.
  • Allow editors to submit new issues for approval from one or multiple stakeholders
  • Track comments and revisions
  • Email send can be automated with a successful approval
Approval Workflow

Ad-Server Friendly Newsletters

FeedOtter works perfectly with your native or banner-based ad server technology to allow you to maximize your email newsletter revenue generation.

Ad Server Integration


Creating newsletters at-scale can be efficient and have a positive ROI vs. a purely human process.

FeedOtter Newsletter Builder

All plans include features such as:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Concierge template setup and testing service
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited user account
  • Bookmark any webpage into your newsletter
  • Drag and Drop content from Wordpress, NewsCred, UberFlip, or any RSS or JSON datasource
  • Add custom content blocks
  • Ad-server integrations supporting LiveIntent and all popular ad platforms



"Our newsletter creation time went from 4 hours to 5 minutes"

Every day, brands and publishers use FeedOtter to create hundreds of email newsletters in minutes.

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