Email Preference Center for Marketo & WordPress

Marketo Email Preference Center Hero IMage
1. Setup Marketo Custom Fields

The first step to create Marketo preference center is defining the “checkboxes” that will allow subscribers to toggle which emails they wish to receive.  This is done by setting up a number of Marketo custom boolean fields.  Each field will represent a checkbox on your preference center and can subsequently be used to target your emails or define Marketo Segments.

  1. Login to Marketo
  2. Navigate to Admin > Field Management
  3. Click New Custom Field

Naming Your Custom Fields – very important

  • Type: Boolean
  • Name: pref_<something descriptive> (must start with pref_ )
  • API Name: do not edit this, Marketo assigns this automatically

Click Create

Repeat this process for ALL of the checkboxes you wish to display to the user.  Don’t worry about grouping them as this will be handled when you tweak the layout of your preference center in FeedOtter.

Add preference center custom fields to Marketo
All Preference Fields in Marketo
1. Create a New Preference Center in FeedOtter
  1. Create an Account  or Log In to your FeedOtter account
  2. Click on the Marketo Preference Center button on the top nav menu.
  3. Click the New Preference Center button
  4. Give your preference center a name. This name will be the title of your preference center WordPress page so we recommend “Email Preferences – My Company” or “My Company Subscription Center”
Add a new marketo preference center in FeedOtter
2. Connect to Marketo

The Marketo Email Preference Center plugin uses the Marketo REST API to update your subscriber preferences.  In order to ensure it works you will need to have a valid Marketo API connection setup.

Read Our Guide On Setting Up A Marketo API Connection
Create Marketo Connection to Email Preference Center
3. Setup Your Preference Center Checkboxes

Now its time to setup the checkboxes that should appear on your preference center.

Marketo Field
Select the Marketo custom field that will be linked to your checkbox

Checkbox Label
This will be the label that your subscribers see next to the checkbox

Checkbox Description
This should be a short sentence describing exactly what content or topic this toggles.

Group Name (optional)
This is an option field that allows you to create “groups” of preferences.  If you want to display several checkboxes under the heading “Content Preferences” you would enter that text here and for any addl. fields.  We use the exact text to group things so make sure the Group Name is exactly the same on fields you want to group.

Click the Add This Checkbox button to add this field to your preference center.

Now click on the Preview tab to see how our preference center is looking.

Repeat this process for every checkbox you wish to add to your preference center.

First preview of Marketo Preference Center
4. Customize Your Marketo Preference Center

Click on the Appearance tab to customize the look, feel, and branding of your preference center.  You can toggle between the Preview and Appearance tabs to fine tune your preference center to your liking.  When you are happy with the look its time to add it to your WordPress website.

Customize the branding of your Marketo Preference Center Page
5. Install the WordPress Plugin and Connect to FeedOtter

Click on the Publish tab to access and download our WordPress plugin.  Once installed you will use the API Key shown here to connect WordPress and FeedOtter.

Get your api key to connect feedotter and wordpress
Update Your Marketo Unsubscribe Link

In Marketo, click on Admin in the upper-right and navigate to the Email section (see image on the right).  Replace the unsubscribe page link with the link to your preference page:

wordpress url + ?email={{lead.Email Address}}&mkt_unsubscribe=1&mkt_tok=##MKT_TOK##

Update the unsubscribe text in Marketo