Pardot Blog Digest and RSS Email Software

A fully integrated, affordable way to send beautiful emails to your blog subscribers
from your existing Pardot Salesforce marketing cloud.

Simple… and effective

Convert Your blog subscribers to leads in four easy steps

1. Create a Pardot campaign for your blog emails

2. Create a new RSS email in FeedOtter

3. Schedule when your email should be sent

4. Start converting your blog subscribers

Made for Pardot Users

Emails and reporting are all viewed from your familiar Pardot software allowing you to see how your blog subscribers are converting, what content they are engaging with, and who you are targeting.

Group Emails Using Pardot Campaigns
Emails and reporting are  viewed in your familiar Pardot softwarereports on how your blog subscribers are converting and interacting with you emails right from Pardot.

True Conversion Reporting
If you’ve been emailing your blog subscribers with a 3rd party tool you are missing out on vital marketing stats.  Who’s reading your content?  Is your blog content creating new leads?  Answer these questions and more by emailing your blog subscribers from FeedOtter.

2 images above, one showing email program and the other showing a std. email

Simple Email Creation

Forget trying to build a complex email template.  FeedOtter has dozens of responsive designs waiting to be customized and filled with content from your RSS feed.  Pick your template design, add your RSS feed, and customize colors and logos and publish.  You’ll be sending your blog subscribers engaging, reportable emails in minutes.

Add your feed
Paste in the RSS feed of your blog and we’ll clean and format the  content and images for you

Select a template
Our growing library of responsive email templates makes it easy to send AWESOME emails to your subscribers

Our templates are made to save you time. Change headlines, colors, logos, and social profile icons in seconds

Schedule your emails to be sent everytime a new post appears, daily, weekly, or monthly.  You can also control the number of posts your emails contain.

Fully Automated Email Sending From Pardot

One of the biggest problems facing traditional blog emailing is that you create duplicate lists and unsubscribes.  This makes it nearly impossible to remain CAN-SPAM compliant because users are opting in and out of multiple lists.  FeedOtter simplifies everything and makes staying legal easy.  Everything is contained in Pardot; subscriber lists and unsubscriber lists.

Schedule and forget
One your email is setup there’s nothing more to do.  FeedOtter sends it at your desired interval and notifies you of the engagement via email

New Post, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
Give your subscribers a choice in how often they receive your content.  With FeedOtter you can schedule content to be delivered based on your subscribers email preferences increasing engagement

FeedOtter is great. It finally allows companies to bring all of their marketing into one place.

Chris Heiden, Salesforce

Convert Blog Subscribers into Customers

Welcome to only metric that matters.  FeedOtter ensures that you are seeing and realizing the payoff from your blog and content production.  Our technology integrates you content emails with Pardot so you can view the full-picture of how your content creates new customers.

Track Conversions
Use Pardot’s campaign reporting to see every conversion

Are you producing the right content for your audience? Critical insights on clicks, views, opens, and engagement.

Are you producing the right content?  Pardot reporting with FeedOtter RSS emails gives you insight

New Customers
Blog subscribers are some of your biggest fans, nurture them naturally until they’re ready to become customers.

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