How to Bolster Your Marketing Automation Investment

The Marketo Integration Challenge

The Tool Is Only Half the Battle

From reducing overhead costs to increasing sales productivity, Marketo comes packed with possibilities and promise. But those possibilities and all that promise are hard to capitalize on right out of the box. 

It’s kind of like buying an energy-efficient car. Sure, your new environmentally-friendly vehicle might be able to get 30 miles per gallon, but that can only happen in peak driving conditions and with good driving habits. The same could be said for marketing automation. 

Just having a marketing automation tool like Marketo doesn’t guarantee your success. It all comes down to how you use it. And integrations can help ensure that you’re using the tool in the best, most productive way.

of marketers say creating a successful strategy is a top priority for optimizing marketing automation. (Ascend2)


of marketers outsource their tactics for optimizing marketing automation to specialized resources. (Ascend2)


of marketers report integrating all marketing systems as a top barrier to marketing automation success. (Ascend2)


of best-in-class marketers believe marketing automation is “very important” to the overall performance of marketing. (Ascend2)


Get a Handle on Marketo

Content. Email. Social media. Advertising. The list of marketing tactics you need to execute is long and growing. Marketing automation platforms like Marketo are a huge timesaver, but without proper management, these tools can quickly spiral out of control — adding time instead of subtracting it.

To help you maximize your productivity gains from Marketo (and platforms like it), we spoke to 10 marketing automation experts to learn their top software integrations and tips for streamlining operations and improving results. Discover what they had to say by reading our eBook below.

Meet Our Marketing Automation Masters

Jenn Lisak Golding

President & CEO

Sapphire Strategy

Diederik Martens

Chief Marketing Technologist & Founder

Chapman Bright

Steve Susina

Director of Marketing


Ian Cleary



Jeff Coveney

Executive Vice President

Digital Pi

Dave Sutton


TopRight, LLC

Eric Cook

Digital Strategist

WSI Internet Consulting

Adam Nutting

Marketing Automation Specialist


Kelli Meador

Marketing Automation Consultant

Kelli Meador Consulting

Brian T. Edmondson

Founder & CEO

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