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Used by B2B Marketing & Content Managers to Reduce Unsubscribes

Our one-step opt-out was a broken part of our marketing process. We improved subscriber retention and engagement in the first 3 months.
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What Can The Marketo Email Preference Center Do?

Encourage A Better Interaction
Show your subscribers multiple options. Break free of a single-click unsubscribe. Using a Marketo preference center to showcase your content offerings you’ll be engaging your leads and encouraging a 2-way conversation.
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Save subscribers with a preference center
Reduce Opt-Outs 70%
A one-step opt-out is a proven way to lose subscribers. Clients that implement a Marketo preference center see reduced opt-outs in 3 months. Our email preference center plugin features an “unsubscribes saved” scoreboard so you will always see the ROI your preference center creates.
Gain Valuable Insight on Your Subscribers
A Marketo preference center is the perfect place to collect invaluable interest and demographic data from subscribers. Use this data to improve email and content targeting as well as improving your omni-channel segmentation abilities.
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Reduce Your Unsubscribes Today

Let our breakthrough Marketo WordPress plugin simplify your life and protect your subscribers. No consultants, no confusing setup, no wait. Just great, easy-to-use software that makes it easy to give your subscribers an alternative to unsubscribe.

Don’t like forms?  You can email us too: