Net-Results RSS Email Automation

Supercharge your Net-Results marketing automation platform with automated RSS, blog, and content emailing.

Why Use FeedOtter to Send RSS Email from Net-Results?

Before FeedOtter’s rss-to-email for Net-Results our client were using multiple email sending softwares, multiple unsubscribe lists, and lots of additional expenses. FeedOtter allows you to bring all of your communication inside your familiar Net-Results software so you have a single unsubscribe list and can deliver your RSS content to your Net-Results email subscribers.

How Does it Work?

We have worked tirelessly to make setting up complex data-driven, RSS-based emails with Net-Results quick and easy. Here is how a typical Net-Results rss email campaign with FeedOtter is setup.

Create a new automated RSS campaign

To create a new Net-Results RSS email create a new automated campaign in FeedOtter.

Choose when FeedOtter sends your RSS email

FeedOtter supports sending RSS email when new content is found (Alert-style) or on a scheduled interval (Digest). Regardless, FeedOtter supports every possible RSS sending pattern you could want: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Business Days Only, every other month/day/hour -all supported.

Enter your RSS feed url

We do require a valid RSS feed but RSS is a very common, structured format for online content.  WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and all top CMS products generate RSS feeds for content by default or with the help of an easy to install plugin.Handy RSS Tools: Need advanced RSS  or multiple RSS feeds per email?  FeedOtter does that too!  Our client’s have created complex multi-category rss emails using our multiple RSS feed features.  A few examples:
  • Create an RSS email with multiple categories of content -each powered by a separate feed
  • Create a complex newsletter where blog, news, event, and ebook content are fed into a single RSS email using multiple feeds

Select a template

We have great looking email templates for all your RSS emails! Don’t see a template that fits your use-case let us know and we’ll build it for you. Newsletters, digest, product catalogs, system alerts, job postings our templates make setup a snap!

Customize and Personalize

FeedOtter provides just the right amount of customization to make creating an on-brand RSS quick and easy.  Features vary by template but all templates allow you to:

  • Upload a company logo
  • Customize the primary, secondary, and button colors to match your brand
  • Define the number of word/characters each post blurb should display
  • Enter your company social media profiles to display icons

Certain templates allow for advanced customization such as:

  • Headline
  • Subheadline
  • Graphical header image/masthead
  • A paragraph of greeting text

Test, Proof, and Notes

You can send yourself a proof email at anytime during the creation process by pressing the PROOF button located in the blog digest editing interface. This is also a great way to test your RSS email using a tool like Litmus.  In addition to testing there are a number of details that our users love including:

Image Processing:

We have built a proprietary image processing technology to make sure your images resize and look perfect in all emails.  No more stretching, shrinking, or missing images.  FeedOtter recommends that you have tags setup on your blog and that all images therein are at least 600px wide to ensure the images in your emails look great -always.  We always prefer to use an tag to ensure the images shown in your rss emails are the same as those shown elsewhere on the web.

Net-Results Merge Tokens

You can use Net-Results merge tokens in your RSS emails. Clients have used this to inject banner ads, first name text, or custom greetings.

Configure automation level and Audience

Full automation means that FeedOtter builds and schedules RSS email in Net-Results automatically.

Watch it run

During the setup wizard you will be prompted to select the desired Net-Results Lists that define your email recipients.

Feeling ready to give it a try?  Click the button below to create your free trial account today.

Ways to Use Net-Results RSS Email from FeedOtter

Our customers use FeedOtter’s Net-Results RSS-to-email software to do great things such as:


Using an XML formatted RSS feed containing system status updates allowed one client to automate system status emails that were sent via Net-Results.


Trying to keep a pool of candidates in the loop? Running a job board? Net-Results RSS email from FeedOtter allows you to send all your job alert emails directly from Net-Results. It also works great for monthly job digests and newsletters!


Sick of creating great content that your internal team never sees? Use FeedOtter to alert your internal teams to your latest content, news, events, blog posts, or ebooks.


Publicly traded company’s use FeedOtter to send their legally required newsroom and disclosure content to investors, board members, and stakeholders.


Create automated top-product, new-product, or best-seller emails and newsletters using your WordPress store’s RSS feed or your Shopify feed.


Seamlessly email your blog content using our Net-Results RSS email solution. With more than 25 free templates included your rss to blog digest email will be setup and running in less than 15 minutes.