Using UTM Campaign Parameters to Your Blog Digest


1. Edit the FeedOtter HTML template code

  1. Log in to FeedOtter
  2. Select EDIT from the Actions column on the dashboard page to edit an email campaign
  3.  Click on the CODE tab to view/edit the FeedOtter html template code

2. Find and Replace Links

The most common use of UTM parameters in a blog digest email is to track which content your recipients are engaging/clicking on.  To accomplish this we need to add a UTM parameter to ANY url that links to the blog post.  In the FeedOtter HTML this can be found by looking for the FeedOtter token {{post.post_url}}.  The best way to find these tokens is to scroll through your HTML template manually as your web browser’s Find feature may not locate all occurrences.

For each occurrence of {{post.post_url}} replace it with your desired UTM string.  Here is an example that we use regularly:

FeedOtter UTM Post URL Example

Note: FeedOtter has built special features that format text perfectly for use in UTM parameters such as {{post.post_title|kebab}} will format the post title with underscores such as The_Post_Title for the UTM purpose.

3. Preview and Test

As with any edits in FeedOtter you can quickly and easily preview how they will look and function using the Send a Test Email Button.

If any of your links are missing UTM codes return to the CODE  tab and add them as needed.

If you have any questions adding UTM codes please don’t hesitate to contact FeedOtter via