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Setup A Net-Results Blog Digest 

Send automated blog digest emails from your existing Net-Results software.
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Emailing your blog in a Newsletter format is a great way (maybe the best way) to build up your relationship with your readers. Beyond that, it directs your readers where you want them to go and gives you even more control than social media.

What follows is a step-by-step guide to setting up your automated Blog Digest Newsletter using a Net-Results Integration.

1. Create a new list in Net-Results

  1. Login into your Net-Results Account
  2. Find the Contact & Accounts Tab
  3. Go to Lists > Create New
  4. Name and Upload the appropriate contacts
Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

2. Create a Blog Digest Newsletter

If you already have a list in Net-Results containing your contacts you can skip this step.

  1. Login to your FeedOtter Account
  2. Click on New Automated Email
  3. Name your campaign > Select Campaign Type > Select Email Provider
  4. Follow the wizard and customize your email template based on your current needs
    1. Insert RSS feed (link to RSS feed article)
    2. Select a Template from our Template Library
    3. Upload Logo and insert your social links
Create FeedOtter Automated Email

3. Setting Up Your Net-Results Connection

When you are happy with your test email, now it is time to publish to Net-Results.

  1. Click the Publish to Net-Results button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  2. Click Add a Net-Results Connection, then name your Net-Results Connection
  3. In the next window, Authorize the connection
Add Your Marketo REST API credentials

4. Net-Results Integration Settings

The final step in setting up your Blog Digest Newsletter is to confirm the integration settings. Those settings include Automation Settings, Elect Recipients (Contact List), and the Review Period.

Once those fields are complete, click Activate Campaign.

If you receive an error, please recheck your information and/or email us at success@feedotter.com to schedule a setup call.

Net-Results Connection Details
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