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Eventable Marketo Integration

Eventable Marketo Integration

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The Eventable Marketo integration lets you tap into calendars (Google, Outlook, iOS, etc) as a marketing channel and embed your calendar plugin directly in Marketo. Calendar-based marketing tools coupled with our easy-to-use event management suite are built to help you drive action at specific times. Use Eventable as the last mile in your marketing to boost conversions, such as webinar sign-ups or in-store purchases.


“Add to Calendar” buttons
Embed customizable Add to Calendar buttons in Marketo emails, landing pages, or your social media channels. These work with all calendar types.
Custom Calendar Notifications
Go beyond the default 15-minute “calendar reminder.” Edit your message and exact time your calendar alert pops up on your customers’ mobile devices.
Geotargeting & Personalization
Group customers by their location, behavior, or interests to target your calendar events effectively.
Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Track all activity inside your customers’ calendars, such as calendar impressions, link clicks, social shares and more! Sync this all to Marketo.


  • Embed “Add to Calendar” buttons inside Marketo: Whether you’re sending an email or creating a web page, our customizable Add to Calendar buttons can be embedded anywhere. These buttons work with everything from Google to Outlook calendar. Enable Email Capture to collect individuals’ contact information before they add to calendar.
  • Enrich your contacts: Keep all of your contacts in one place easily. The Eventable Marketo integration allows contacts added to your calendar to be automatically created in Marketo. Automatically update their lead scores, add them to Smart Lists, or enroll them in Engagement Programs to be more hands-off and effective.





  • Smart “Add to Calendar”
  • Custom Calendar Notifications
  • Event Management Suite
  • Analytics & Reporting