How to Send Email Newsletters from Hubspot

Learn how to setup, send, and automate email newsletters with Hubspot marketing automation. Hubspot email newsletters are easy to setup using the FeedOtter addon.

Add Your Content Sources to FeedOtter

Before creating our first Hubspot newsletter we need to tell FeedOtter about the blogs, rss feeds, and sources of content that will be used in our newsletter.

FeedOtter has many options for saving content sources that you can use with your Hubspot email newsletters. These include RSS feeds, WordPress sites, Youtube videos, and integrations with Algolia and Uberflip.

To setup content sources, login to your FeedOtter account, click on the Gear in the upper-right, and select Settings.

Content Sources for Hubspot Email Newsletter

Click on New Content Source.

Select the type of source and give it a memorable name.  This will be used to reference the content source when building your Hubspot newsletter.

Each source will have several unique settings.  Most should be self-explanatory but if you get stuck please click the Question Mark button in the upper-right of the FeedOtter application to send us an email.

Repeat this as desired for your sources.  Customers often like to create unique sources for categories of content or different blog sites.

Create a New Curated Newsletter in FeedOtter

Navigate to the Curated Newsletters product by clicking on the top navigation menu. 

To create a new newsletter click on the New Newsletter button.

Follow our comprehensive guide on Curated Newsletter setup

Continue reading to learn how our HubSpot newsletter integration works and  about several important steps that must be done in order to publish newsletters to HubSpot.


Add HubSpot Required Fields

Whether you use one of our built in email templates or you use a custom HubSpot email design.  HubSpot requires that your email contains the special HubSpot address and unsubscribe tokens before emails can be published.

Here are the required HubSpot tokens:

{{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }}
{{ site_settings.company_state }}
{{ site_settings.company_name }}
{{ site_settings.company_city }}
{{ unsubscribe_link }}

You will need to edit the HTML code of your FeedOtter template adding or replacing the current footer text with the required tokens above.

This step must also be done in the Text version of your FeedOtter template.

View Code Button
Click on the View Code button in the lower-right of the edit screen to view and modify the HTML email code. This is where you will place the required HubSpot tokens.
Edit Text Version of the Email
When viewing the code window, look to the very bottom of the screen.  You will see a small link named View Text Version.  Click this to toggle the Text / HTML code view.  The HubSpot tokens will need to be added here as well.

Connecting FeedOtter to HubSpot

When you are done with the setup its time to publish your new email newsletter to Hubspot where we will complete the last step of sending your Hubspot email newsletter.

Click the green Publish button in the upper-right of your campaign window. Then choose Hubspot as your sending platform.

If you have previously setup a Hubspot connection in your FeedOtter account you can select it from the dropdown. Otherwise, click the Add a Hubspot Connection button.

Add a Hubspot connection to send your Hubspot email newsletter with FeedOtter

You will be prompted to login to your HubSpot account and approve FeedOtter's access.

Note. FeedOtter pushes your emails to HubSpot and does note access or see any personal or contact-related information.

Finding Your Newsletters in HubSpot

FeedOtter publishes newsletters to the Files and Templates > Design Tools area of HubSpot.  These email templates can be selected for use in Marketing Emails for quick and easy sending.

Hubspot email newsletter in your Hubspot account

FeedOtter automatically creates a folder for FeedOtter Curated Emails where all of your Curated Newsletter issues will appear.

You can preview the actual email by clicking Preview in the top-right corner.

Send Your Newsletter via HubSpot

The easiest way to send your newsletter in HubSpot is via the Marketing Emails feature.

In HubSpot, navigate to Marketing > Email

Then, Create Email and choose Regular.

Create a regular Hubspot Email Newsletter in Hubspot

Next, you will be prompted to choose an email template.  Select the Custom tab.

Choose your Hubspot email newsletter in Custom email template options

Select the newsletter "Issue" that you wish to send.

Video Walkthrough

For more information and detail on setting up your newsletter in HubSpot.  Watch our full-walkthrough video below.

YouTube video

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