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Bad Yoast: How To Remove "This Post First Appeared" From Your Blog's RSS Feed

Andy Theimer
Founder, FeedOtter

Several clients have written in lately asking how to remove a sentence appearing at the bottom (or top) of their blog posts.  This sentence reads: "This Post First Appeared On" and can be problematic.  Let's examine how this sentence gets added and then I will show you how to remove it.

It is no secret that many company blogs and websites rely on WordPress as their CMS (content management system).  The first plug-in that most businesses install (or should install) is the Yoast SEO plugin.  The Yoast plugin has been around forever and makes tweaking the SEO subtleties of any WordPress website simple.  If nothing else it is a great tool for ensuring your XML sitemaps are in order. One downside to using Yoast is that some of the default settings add unwanted text to your blog posts and content -specifically the content that displays in your website's RSS feed.  If you are using your RSS feed to distribute content via email newsletters or marketing automation software this can be less than ideal. Why?

By default Yoast adds a small fragment of text to every WordPress Post which looks like this:

Example of post first appeared on text


Fortunately, it is easy to adjust Yoast so that this line doesn't show up.  Here's where to go:

  1. In your WordPress Admin, look for the SEO section on the left-side menu.
  2. Select Search Appearance
  3. Then select the RSS Tab


Yoast RSS Settings

See where the green arrow is pointing?  That is the culprit.  So all you need to do is delete the text found there and click the Save Changes button.



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