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5 Ways to Enrich Subscriber Data in Email Marketing

Getting good information about email subscribers can be a challenge for even the savviest email marketer. Privacy is a big concern for many people, and that means some of your subscribers will dig in their heels at the thought of handing over anything more than their email address. Basic facts like age and location can […]

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How to Build Your Mailing List from Scratch

It is easy to believe that email marketing is effective and a key component to any marketing strategy, but if you don’t have an email list, that task can seem daunting. All too often people turn to purchasing lists, which is not only against best practices, but actually illegal on many of the mail servers. […]

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How to Successfully Test the “From” Field in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to starting an email marketing campaign, generally businesses think about how often to send emails, what content to include, which audience to target, etc. What isn’t often considered is who to send the email from. It’s coming from their company, right? But whose name, if any, should they use for the “From” […]

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UTM Tracking Best Practices For Content Marketing and A Step-By-Step Guide

In the simplest terms, UTM tracking attaches a custom URL to a source, medium, or campaign name in order to customize tracking. UTM tracking can be used on social ads, social posts, email campaigns and newsletters, affiliates, display ads and retargeting, even on webpages you’re advertising on a bus or a car wrap. There are […]

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