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4 Ways to Find An RSS Feed URL for Any Website

Finding an RSS feed URL for a website is useful for a variety of reasons such as staying up-to-date on everything that a website publishes or promoting your content via social and emails channels using tools like Hootsuite or FeedOtter respectively. While incredibly useful, it can sometimes be hard to find as an RSS feed […]

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Tutorial: How to Use Multiple RSS Feeds to Build and Code an Automated Email

In this tutorial, we are going to focus on the FeedOtter code that allows you to incorporate multiple RSS feeds into your FeedOtter automated emails. Please note, this post is all about the code! If you’re looking for a simple setup guide please read our walkthrough post. How to Use Multiple RSS Feeds to Build […]

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The Unavoidable Need for User-Generated Content in Your Content Marketing Strategy

User-generated content is just what it sounds like—content created by someone other than your brand. The theory behind its effectiveness is simple: it is always more trusted than content the brand puts out about itself. Consumers increasingly look to their peers for brand recommendations and advice, and user-generated content fulfills this for them. User-generated content […]

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Creating Content that Converts Leads into Sales

Content marketers have a broad variety of tasks. Creating content, promoting content, engaging with readers and running social media channels are just a few of the many things you probably have to do each day. One thing that often gets overlooked is ensuring that you’re creating content for all stages of the buyer’s journey to […]

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Content Marketing Tools: 5 of the Best Ways to Automate Your Processes

Content marketers wear many hats. From researching content topics to writing engaging content to promoting content, there is a lot of work to do in order to run a dynamic content marketing strategy. But what if we told you that your workload could be lighter? Learning what areas of your content marketing strategy that you […]

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7 B2B Blog Ideas to Help You Reach Brand Decision-Makers

By now, everyone knows you need a B2B blog for your brand. However, keeping up with a blog takes a lot of time and marketers don’t always see the results they want from their content. Desired results typically include generating new leads and converting leads into a client, as well as giving your website better […]

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9 Ways to Announce New Product Features Through Content Marketing

Do you have some cool new product features that you’re about to launch but don’t know how to tell your target consumers about them? Or maybe you want to tell your current clients about features they can upgrade to? Or maybe both? This post is here to help, because launching a new feature and marketing […]

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